Top 10 Canadian Summer Activities

Despite popular misconceptions that Canada is only known for its bobsleds and lack of beaches, there are many enjoyable summertime activities in the Great White North for couples, families, and single travelers. These 10 summer activities will make the most of your time outside, whether you’re planning a quick break, are on a working holiday, or just want to spend your time off seeing Canada’s stunning scenery.

Hit The Beach

Canada has beautiful beaches on every coast, some of which are accessible even in the dead of winter. Discover bustling beach towns, serene inner lakes with warm water, ocean beaches with strong waves, stretches of sand along the borders of the Great Lakes, and breathtaking flat expanses of the East Coast.

Beachgoers looking to escape the oppressive summers in central Canada typically fill the local beaches in provinces like Ontario and Manitoba. The interior lakes of British Columbia have fine sand beaches that draw tourists in the summer, and the Pacific Coast offers year-round beach activities. Beach vacationers from around Canada swarm to the Atlantic Provinces throughout the summer.

Here are the best 5 beaches in Canada:

  • Grand Beach – Manitoba.
  • Magdalen Islands – Quebec.
  • Basin Head Beach – Prince Edward Island.
  • Parlee Beach – New Brunswick.
  • Clam Harbour Beach Provincial Park – Nova Scotia.

Visit A National Park

Canada has many well-known national parks. The finest season for hiking trails, camping, lake swimming, and taking in the beauty of nature is the summer. This is undoubtedly a wonderful way to appreciate and interact with nature. Relax and go on a family vacation to one of the well-known national parks, like Banff or Jasper. This is the ideal method to unwind from the hectic pace of daily life because it is rich with natural beauty and unusual animals.

Here are the best national parks to visit in Canada:

  1. Banff National Park, Alberta
  2. Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia
  3. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia
  4. Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland
  5. Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

Try All The Watersports

Without water, what is summer? You can enjoy all the benefits of water sports in Canada. everything from paddle boarding to surfing, wakeboarding, and white river rafting. You can have a great time and create some wonderful summertime memories. Try water skiing in Alberta, white water rafting in British Columbia, or surfing in Nova Scotia.

Tour Canada’s Coastline

It is a must-do because it has numerous charming small towns tucked away along a lovely coastline that stretches for more than 200,000 km. Visit locations like Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nova Scotia. It is a great way to experience Canadian coastal life while participating in enjoyable activities like whale watching, water skiing, and many other things. There is genuine fresh seafood and historical towns nearby.

Wine Tasting in Canada’s Vineyards

From the Okanagan in British Columbia to the Niagara region in Nova Scotia, explore the most well-known wine-producing regions in Canada. You will adore these wine-producing regions if you love wine because they each offer distinctive wine bouquets. Take a leisurely tour of some of Canada’s most famous wine areas if rest and relaxation are what you value most. This will allow you to experience a small taste of Canadian culture.

Explore The Natural Hot Springs

In some of the most well-known hot spots, enjoy the benefits of natural hot springs. British Columbia’s Liard River Hot Spring combines outdoor camping and hot outdoor bathing. Try the Banff Upper Hot Spring, which has a huge pool-sized hot spring, if you would prefer to have more room to move around. As you enjoy your hot soak, look out at Mt Rundle from a vantage point above.

Summer Music Festivals

No matter what genre of music you enjoy, there is a summer music festival out there for you. Every musical genre, from alternative to classic rock, country to hip-hop, has its own festivals. If you want to have a fantastic experience overall, summer music festivals are the way to go.

Here are the five best music festivals you can enjoy in summer

  1. Shambhala Music Festival
  2. Quebec City Summer Festival
  3. Osheaga Music & Art Festival
  4. Pop Montreal
  5. Metro Metro Festival

Take the Train

From Vancouver, you may take a fantastic 3-day tour that stops in Jasper, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg on the way to Toronto. Pick your route as you travel the train tracks of Canada. Train travel in Canada provides a first-class view of the country’s breathtaking surroundings. The immense expanse of luscious green countryside, rivers, and towering mountains that make up Canada are well-known.

Hiking, Camping & Fishing

Canada is the ideal location for adrenaline seekers wishing to escape themselves in nature because of its abundance of rivers, lakes, and well-known waterfalls. Take a long-distance trek from British Columbia’s west coast to Newfoundland’s Long Range Traverse, or camp overnight in the Great Bear Rainforest, if you’re feeling very daring.

With so many parks, nature reserves, and other protected locations in Canada, outdoor camping is a must-do activity. Find a campsite at one of the more than 40 national parks and bring the family. You can appreciate the enormous contrasts in mother nature because to the variety of ecosystems she has created, including prairie, woodland, alpine, and temperate rainforest.

Consider relaxing this summer in a remote cabin or campsite outside of Ontario if you long for a simpler existence. Numerous of these open spaces are ideal for rest and relaxation, and you might even learn some useful hobbies like fishing.

Nothing will calm your soul like fishing if you appreciate spending the day by the sea. Visit areas like the 120-mile-long Annapolis river by taking a drive there. This fishing place is a fantastic opportunity to experience nature, catch freshwater and saltwater fish for dinner, and take some time to unwind.

If you enjoy taking hikes through nature, you won’t run out of locations to discover because the bulk of the nation is covered in natural flora. Choose from any of the trails, including the West Coast Trail in British Columbia and the Long Range Traverse in Newfoundland.

Enjoy The Big City

In the city, summer is different! Canada’s bustling cities in the summertime are the epitome of cosmopolitanism. Canada boasts destinations from east to west that may satisfy the wanderlust of any traveler, each having their own unique charm and intriguing sights to offer. Visit Quebec or Montreal to experience the vibrant cultures while strolling through old neighborhoods and admiring some of the most stunning historical buildings, or go to Stratford to see some of the most renowned theaters.

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