The Future Of Web3 Gaming – Everything To Know About The Wildcard Alliance

As you know, we are an opportunity blog and today i am here to introduce you to an amazing Web3 project that you don’t want to lose. The name of this amazing project is The Wildcard Alliance.


The Wildcard Alliance is a diverse, distributed team, made up of talented individuals from all over the world – game developers, artists, coders, storytellers, and community builders – who have joined forces to bring to life an amazing new entertainment experience that we call Wildcard.


According to the team; We define the word “vision” as the unique feelings we want someone to have when they experience Wildcard. As we develop and refine the vision for Wildcard, it becomes our north star. It’s how we prioritize our roadmap. It guides all aspects of development and production, from design to art, from code to content. It gives shape to our community. It becomes a litmus test, a way to keep asking ourselves: “Does this (feature, code, art, media, event, partnership, etc) reinforce or detract from the vision of Wildcard?”

So what, then, is the vision? What are these unique feelings, these pillars that set Wildcard apart?

Pillar #1: The Thrill of Competition
It’s the thrill of walking out onto the field, heart pounding, ready to face your opponent. It’s the thrill of cheering from the stands, surrounded by friends, as you leap to your feet in unison, screaming: “GOAL!!!!”
The universe of Wildcard is united by the sport of Wildcard, a competition of champions, fighting alongside their creature sidekicks, in unique arena battlefields, surrounded by live fans and spectators.
Wildcard celebrates these moments when we come together to share in the thrill of competition. As a team, we’re focused on building features and content that push the boundaries of how exciting a video game can be, to play and to watch. This means building an evergreen competitive game that is “easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master.” This also means building a platform that gives players new ways to show off their skills, and gives fans new ways to connect with their favorite competitors.
Pillar #2: The Joy of Collecting
There is no one way to be a collector. Collecting can mean seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, maintaining… We collect to enjoy, to remember, and to share. We collect to be a part of something.
The universe of Wildcard revolves around its collectors. Wildcard will welcome players to collect, curate, and specialize in the things they care the most about. Some may collect creatures for battle, some will focus on completing valuable sets, others will collect cards representing their favorite champions and competitors.
We envision Wildcard players enjoying a vibrant ecosystem of playable, trade-able collectibles with value that lasts. This isn’t just collecting for the sake of collecting. To bring this part of the Wildcard’s vision to life means having an IP that people actually care about, a community that people want to be a part of, and a game that people want to play – for years to come.
Pillar #3: The Power of Community
Entertainment has the power to bring people together. We’ve been blessed to experience this throughout our careers, with our work on video games such as Age of Empires and Words With Friends, as well as major media franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars. We’ve witnessed first hand the enduring reach that great IP, great gameplay, and great stories can have, bringing people together from all over the world to form communities that last for generations. This sense of connection is one of the most meaningful and positive effects that beloved entertainment has on the world, and it is central to our vision for Wildcard.
Wildcard is designed to be as fun to watch as it is to play. We hope and anticipate that the Wildcard community will include players who are there to compete, as much as it will include players who are there to collect, to watch, to cheer, and to just hang out. Web3 gives us an immensely powerful new toolset to connect and empower the community, which is why we’re so excited to be building Wildcard on this frontier. The real value of Web3 lives in the community, not the assets.


The Wildcard FAQ

What is Wildcard?
Wildcard is a brand new Web3 video game IP, currently in development. Wildcard is a new genre, a “Collectible Action Battle Arena” game, merging aspects of the real-time strategy, battle arena action, and collectible card game genres, to create something entirely new. The universe of Wildcard is united by the sport of Wildcard, a competition of champions, fighting alongside their creature sidekicks, in unique arena battlefields, surrounded by live fans and spectators.


What makes Wildcard unique?
Primarily, Wildcard is a unique blend of multiple genres, a “Collectible Action Battle Arena” game, merging aspects of the real-time strategy, battle arena action, and collectible card game genres. Additionally, Wildcard is uniquely focused on being a game that’s as much fun to watch as it is to play – with unique audience presence and interaction features that bring spectators and fans into the live-action and gameplay as they tune in to watch their favorite competitors and streamers. And finally, Wildcard is one of the first (or perhaps the furthest-into-development) AAA-quality games being built for Web3 platforms. Wildcard utilizes Web3 technologies to connect and empower the community in new ways.
Is the game already playable?
Yes! Wildcard has been in development for over 5 years, and is currently being playtested daily! This process of playtest-driven development is something our team learned way back when with our work on the Age of Empires franchise. It’s the best way we know to build, iterate, tune, and balance evergreen gameplay that is “easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master” – and is hopefully what leads to Wildcard being a game that people will still be playing decades from now!
Ok sure, but when can *I* play??
One of our favorite things about the Web3 community is the spirit of OPEN development and community collaboration. We are really looking forward to developing this game together with you all here. Playtesting is currently (and will be for a while) private & invite-only, so that we can process the feedback and not get overwhelmed, but this group will grow over time within our community. Also please stay tuned for exciting ways to get involved and be a part of the Wildcard experience.. not just as a competitor!
Where’s the roadmap?
We’re working to create a roadmap that we can share with you all. We prefer to surprise and delight versus overpromise/underdeliver, so we want to be very thoughtful in how we set expectations. Please stay tuned…!
When will there be a token/NFT/etc?
Unlike more traditional Web3 games, we do not have to rely on our community for funding. We have raised the money we need to fully develop this game (from our amazing investors) specifically so that we can stay focused on our long-term goals of fun and community first. Also, ERC20 Tokens and NFTs are amazing early implementations of blockchain/smart contract technologies, but they’re really just the beginning. We are most excited to explore the ways in which Web3 can make video games better, and we believe that the real power lies in its ability to build protocols that connect and empower communities.
But isn’t Web3 a ponzi/pyramid scheme/scam?
Web3 is a very new space, and unfortunately, many of these criticisms are valid and warranted. That does not mean that the underlying potential of Web3 is flawed, however.
In our opinion, Web3 is in need of products and teams that are focused on delivering real value, which in the case of Wildcard means real entertainment value. At the end of the day, any entertainment product/platform/protocol that is aiming to grow true long-term value must be something that people are willing to pay to enjoy. Without that, it is just a house of cards.
Will Wildcard be in my language/region?
Wildcard is an international game, and we’re excited to bring it to players and fans all over the world. As our community grows, and as we’re able to onboard new mods to support various languages and regions, we will open new Discord channels so that communities from all over the world can join and connect. We appreciate your patience! (and please do stick with English in the existing English-language Discord channels, thank you!)
ALSO: If you’re interested in helping us grow our international presence and have significant experience moderating for other similar communities, please apply to become a moderator here!
How can I become a playtester?
First – we love that you’re asking. Playtesters are a super valuable part of our development process. Right now, the playtest community group is private, and invite-only. This is because the game is still in early development, and we don’t want to overwhelm the team with more feedback than they can handle.
We are continuously looking for new people from the community to join our private playtest team. The best way to score an invite to this Wildcard playtester team in the future, is to become an engaged and helpful part of the community today. We know from experience that our best playtesters will be the people who emerge as great contributors and leaders in our community, so that’s where we’ll be recruiting!
What are the roles in discord and will new roles be added?
At the moment, the main Discord roles are…
Fan: By joining the Wildcard Discord and agreeing to the rules, you become a Wildcard Fan! Congratulations!
SuperFan: This represents are most dedicated and supportive fans. It was available to the first 150 users on our Discord, and has additionally been granted to users who are doing a great job of helping and supporting the community. Please look forward to more opportunities to become SuperFans in the future!
Referees: These are our wonderful Wildcard community moderators. Interested in helping? The application is right here.
Community manager: Our Wildcard community managers! They’re the BOSS 🙂
The Alliance (Dev Team): These are the developers of the Wildcard franchise!
Where/when will the WhitePaper and economic model be available?
We are in the midst of building, prototyping, and playtesting brand-new Web3 features in Wildcard right now. Our process is focused on “finding the fun” first. We are most interested in the ways that “tokenomics” can be used to incentivize connection and community (especially the community and ecosystem of competitors, streamers, and fans.)
As we prototype these features, we are simultaneously developing a WhitePaper that describes these protocols, and we will share that WhitePaper publicly when it’s ready.
Will there be benefits for early participants?
Yes! We highly value our early supporters and participants, and we will be recognizing and rewarding these people who form the foundation of Wildcard’s community. Please stay tuned!
Will there be a public beta? When?
Yes! Wildcard is currently in the playable, pre-alpha stage of development with a focused community of invite-only playtesters. We have “found the fun” and are now in the process of iterating, tuning, and balancing the gameplay, as well as developing and refining the meta and collectible content. The next stage will be a closed alpha, which will involve a much larger (but still invite-only) playtest community. Then after that, open alpha tests, leading to a public beta. We’re not ready to share the exact timeframe for these milestones, but please stay tuned for further updates!


why i am here to talk about this amazing project? I was introduce into the project by my friend but what i am seeing is nothing but a top notch act from the team. Recently, the team collab with a well know Web3 game content creator who recently won an award for been the best in the game in the year 2022.

Everything from the wildcard team is just the best and i love everything about what the team are building, here is a video click of bycent playing the game on twitch

This is not a financial advice but i think if you love a good project and you are a lover of web3 gaming, you will surely love wildcard.

Here is everything to know about the project;

FAQ -> Twitter -> Website -> Twitch -> Reddit -> Notion -> Instagram -> AMA and Town Hall Recordings-> YouTube -> Public Calendar->


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