International Student Forum On Youth, Peace And Security 2022

With the help of the Azerbaijan Youth Foundation, the “Bir Könüllü – One volunteer” Students Cooperation Public Union will host the International Student Forum, which will bring together young academics and students with local and international experts to discuss problems with peace and security and develop scenarios for potential solutions through panel discussions and seminars.

Program Information

The Forum will take place in Baku and Shusha, two post-conflict cities that serve as exemplars and successful examples of how to rebuild and modernize a city.

There can be little question that the post-war era opens the path for long-term peace and progress on all sides of the conflict. The lessons learned from history show how critical it is to use all of the peacebuilding tools and strategies now available if we are to leave the next generation with a safe, wealthy, and cooperative world. It is impossible in this respect to ignore the role of students and young academics and their potential contribution to formulating ideas for peace-building strategies.

Short academic papers or problem-solving suggestions based on the pertinent subjects will be written after three days of panel discussions and stimulating workshop sessions with subject-matter specialists. To increase public knowledge of Peace and Security issues and provide context for future research and conversations, the organization will reward outstanding articles and publish proposals via its media outlets.


Accommodations, food, and up to 70% of travel costs will be covered by the organizers.


Open to 21-29 year old final-year undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students who:

1. Research in the following fields: politics, international relations, peace and conflict studies, human rights, foreign policy and administration, journalism, communication and media studies, humanities and social sciences, etc.
2. Possess English language ability at the Upper-Intermediate or above level.
3. show proficiency in academic writing.


In Azerbaijan, from November 23 to 28, 2022, the International Student Forum on Youth, Peace, and Security will take place.


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