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How To Immigrate From Ghana To Canada

Starting the immigration application procedure can take a while. You might be wondering, “Where do I begin? ” Who wants my experience and skill set? In any case, we have put together a handbook that covers all you need to know to move from Ghana to Canada. We are here to soothe your concerns and identify the most appropriate immigration solution.

Choosing the immigration category for which you are applying is the first step. All of the prerequisites for immigration place a strong emphasis on particular needs and connections to the relevant immigration program. In the 13 provinces and territories, there are more than 70 different immigration schemes and streams. Every program is unique. Learn about Ghana immigration to Canada.

What are the Best Options to Immigrate to Canada From Ghana?

By 2025, Canada expects to receive 500,000 new arrivals annually. While there are more, the following are some well-liked immigration choices.

Express Entry is a system.

The Express Entry procedure is the most well-liked immigration route in Canada. Its goal was to expedite the approval of foreign employees with the necessary skills and their families for permanent residence in Canada. On the Express Entry web portal on the Canadian government website, applicants set up a profile. Details including age, linguistic competence, education, employment history, and ability to adapt to Canada are entered by applicants.

The Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is then used to analyze each profile in order to provide a CRS score. The Canadian government holds an Express Entry Draw every two weeks after scores have been added to the Express Entry pool. An Invitation To Apply (ITA) for permanent residency is given to applicants with scores above a specific threshold. After that, they have 60 days to upload all supporting documents on the Express Entry website. If all goes according to plan, candidates will get their permanent residence in Canada in around six months.

Three different applications are accepted for Express Entry:

Program for Federal Skilled Workers

This curriculum is specifically made for professionals who hold jobs like that of a lawyer, doctor, or software developer, which often demand for a degree.

Check here to see if the Federal Skilled Worker Program is the correct choice for you.
Program for Federally Skilled Trades

The targeted audience for this program is competent tradespeople with substantial work experience or credentials in their chosen trade.

Detailed information about the Federal Skilled Trades Program and how to apply is provided below.

The class on Canadian Experience

The target audience for this program is highly qualified workers who have been residing and working in Canada for at least a year on a Canadian work permit or student visa.

Discover the requirements for the Canadian Experience Class.

The Program for Provincial Nominations (PNP)

For those who wish to reside and establish themselves in a specific Canadian province, the provinces and territories of Canada have established skilled worker programs. You can either enter the Express Entry system and submit an Expression of Interest there, or you can apply directly through these program streams. Obtaining a provincial nomination can increase your CRS score by up to 600 points, effectively ensuring that you will receive your ITA at the upcoming Express Entry draw.

Candidates for a PNP must possess the knowledge, training, and work experience required to immediately contribute to the province or territory’s economy. They should also be prepared to successfully establish themselves in the chosen area.

A nomination and ITA for permanent residence with the federal government are then given to you if you apply directly to the province, meet all the requirements, and receive the necessary number of points from the province. Your CRS score will increase if you submit an application for a nomination through the Express Entry pool, and you will receive your ITA if you are chosen from the pool.

Family Sponsorship Program

If you have relatives living in Canada, they could help you immigrate from Ghana to Canada. Both you and your sponsor must meet certain criteria to use this program. The relative sponsoring the immigration must:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada; and
  • Have sufficient funds to support themselves and you during your time in Canada.

The Family sponsorship program also includes spouses and common-law and conjugal partners. However, the application process differs based on your relationship with your sponsor.

Work and Study Permits

If you are not eligible for any permanent residency programs, you can also start your journey in Canada via a work or study permit. Working or studying in Canada can allow you to spend enough time in Canada to qualify for the CEC or get started in Canada while you apply for your permanent residency program. However, to receive a work or study permit in Canada, you need to have a job offer in Canada or an acceptance letter from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

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