Everything To Know About Landing Your Dream Job

Your dream job might seem far away but with the right strategies you can work at a job that you love. First, identify your goals to reach your dream job.

Maybe you’ve just graduated from university and are struggling to figure out what your dream job might be. Or perhaps you are already working a 9-5 job but are feeling unfulfilled in your current role. Landing your dream job may seem like a daunting task but it can be done with motivation and persistence. “Do what you love” is pretty common career advice but how do you get to that dream job, the job you really want?

You will first need to identify your dream job or the qualities of your dream role and then focus on getting the necessary skill sets and education for the job so that you can then apply for your dream job and improve your chances of finally landing it. As unattainable as a dream job may seem, with the right amount of thought and preparation, you can do what you love.

The world has changed, technology has been revolutionized several times over, and yet our hiring process still resembles the way it was back in the 1970s. Little has changed in how we post, apply, and interview for jobs on or offline.

So how to you land your dream job?

  • What is my Dream Job?
  • How does that relate to my passion?
  • Where are the broken “links in my job search chain” and where should I be spending time? Improving my resume? Interviewing skills? Salary negotiation? What??
  • What are the things I do NOT need to do?

You might be surprised by our suggestions for landing the job of your dreams. But since transforming the hiring process and the creating extraordinary work places will require a few years to catch up, here are a few of our team’s ideas that may open up a few new possibilities for you.

Firstly, you most learn about yourself: Take time to do a self-assessment of your values, how you like to work and what you’d be compelled to do even if you never got paid. Research careers and industries that map to your skills and interests. Hit the Internet, set up informational interviews, take relevant coursework and arrange to go onsite at a company in your chosen field.

2. Don’t rely on your résumétoo much.: A résumé is a good first step to get your foot in the door and describe what you’ve accomplished in your career. But showing is better than telling. Create a portfolio that represents who you are and what you stand for, which you can add to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Those are the places where hiring professionals will go to check you out, anyway.

  1. Ease Into a New Career One Foot at a Time : Perhaps this means earning a paycheck at your current job while doing a part-time internship in your new field, or taking an adult-education class or workshop on the weekend. The only way to find out if you’re passionate about something is to try it — ideally with as little risk as you can manage.
  1. Stop Wasting Time On Conventional Networking: How many times has someone given you the advice to “network?” It’s a buzzword as old as the corporate world itself. Still, 99% of people don’t do it correctly.

Networking has nothing to do with big events, business cards or boring small talk. It has everything to do with finding the one person who can have the largest impact on your goals and building a relationship with them.

  1. Remember That Any Progress Is Good Progress: Even confident people stay in unsatisfying jobs because they feel safe, and because they’re afraid of making a bad decision.  But in the quest to uncover a source of meaningful work, though, your worst enemy is inertia. Make an effort to do one thing — like emailing a networking contact or attending an event — that moves you a bit closer to your big-picture goal.

6. Face the reality: Once you upload your credentials, get back out into the real world. Limit your time on social media to a few minutes a day at specified times, such as before going to work, during your lunch break, or at home in the evening. Social media isn’t a job, it’s a tool. A contractor doesn’t live for his hammer. He or she puts it to work building things.
“You will never do anything in this world without COURAGE. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor,” said Aristotle.

We can use technology to remotely learn about companies and jobs. Our question…could we be doing more? Is it time to create a new way to find the right job and build a meaningful career? “Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations,” said Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African American female astronaut.

Realistic Expectations : Even if you’re lucky enough to hold your dream job, there’s no such thing as the perfect work situation. Every job has its ups and downs, and aspects we love and aspects we don’t love. And “dream job” doesn’t mean “cushy job.” As your mom always told you, anything worth having in this world requires some effort. There will be some days you feel like shutting the alarm off and going back to sleep, but many more where you feel more energized by the prospect of work than you ever thought possible.

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